Keto Hana Story

Keto Hana Story

Friend of Keto Hana, and gut health advocate, @lets_eat_better_together, has shared with us her insulin resistance journey, and how Keto Hana compliments her gut-friendly diet: 

"Using food as medicine to nourish my body and heal IBS and hormone imbalances, I now lead an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and wellness advocate.

I adore food as medicine and have always held an admiration of how a sugar and grain-free diet can help lower inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity. I am insulin resistant and my aim is to increase my longevity and lower my chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Any new way of eating can seem daunting but finding delicious substitutes is the key to success and making new habits into a lifestyle. I found Keto Hana online about two years ago and adore their crunchy, flavourful granolas and bars. The bars are incredibly handy and have become a sure-fire way of carrying something out with me to beat cravings and satisfy my body. It’s been amazing to watch them diversify their brand with new products and flavours always making it exciting to add a new addition to my pantry!"

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